About Us

Welcome to the new Canon Service Manual website for Canon engineers or those needing to get hold of Canon technical information and software to service and repair Canon photocopiers, printers and much more. This site is run by qualified Canon, Kyocera and Xerox engineers currently working in the field repairing and servicing the equipment being discussed so the faults and solutions are updated as they occur.

Canon Error Codes

This website is also a Canon technical resource centre for error codes encountered in the field. We will endeavour to bring you issues stumbled upon in the field and the solutions used to overcome them. Although we will be covering a variety of error codes we advise you to download the relevant Canon service manuals to assist with the effective repair of your Canon copier. We will also be losing at Kyocera and Xerox copiers/printers a little later on.

Canon Jam Codes

Many of us in the field come across jam codes that refer to specific conditions that cause the symptom and we will do our best to highlight how we resolved problems as we reach a solution. Each case is often different and sometimes a variety of problems can cause the same jam code. So we will be buidling up a data base of problems and solutions relating to Canon jam codes.

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