The Universe According to a Copier Guy

Copier Repair and Servicing the Worst Way

But Not Just Any Copier Guy

This copier engineer spent years in university studying psychology, spent years as a stand up comedian and an internet marketer and still runs around London fixing copiers and engaging in all sorts of copier repair and servicing. Why? Well, you’ll have to find that out yourselves as we open up the world of copier repair and servicing exposing the ill practices of copier technicians the world over.

Leaving school was not a clean process for the Copier Guy who opted to mix O and A levels in North London College, South London College and Tottenham Tech where he did electronics for two years for fun in the evenings. After getting several A levels in Geography, Psychology and Sociology he took a random job as a trainee fax salesman/delivery driver/engineer. He had to choose a pathway after a few months and went for the technical side. The rest is history and the beginning of copier repair and servicing for this young confused man.

People are not Just People

People are molded by their careers and environments. Artistic types tend to be self centred, rude and demanding as noted by more than two decades of moving from office to office servicing copiers. They could drink an entire tea plantation and not even think of offering you a cuppa as there is no world outside the narrow confines of their MAC computers. Graphic design firms and similar creative type businesses do not have coffee machine but prefer to design their own brews, but no one else’s. Most traders and bankers are on another planet often helped by dodgy substances and most IT personnel are over sensitive control freaks. At least they admit that they don’t have the time for others and tend to have advanced vending machines churning out tasty beverages such as Mocha Coffee and Choco-milk. Just help yourself. Creative types could not care less if you die of thirst. But that’s just my take on things.

Accountants are tight-fisted and try to hold on to an aging machine until they witness its burial for themselves and schools just can’t afford to upgrade.

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    Well, I’m still out there causing damage and mayhem. I’ve moved into Sharp copiersas well just to add some stripes to my shoulders and I am so far presently surprised how easy they are to work on (apart from their fuser units). The models I’ve been seeing the most of include the MX7040, MX3140 and MX5140 models and I’ll be going to Sharp this week for some official training on the Sharp MX7040, If you need any Sharp Manuals just let us know and we will see if we can post them on our download site. We have already started adding some Sharp Manuals but still have a lot to add.

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