E025-0200 – Toner Supply Motor Failure – Canon irac2020i

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The above error was found on a Canon irac2020i and relates to the Cyan toner supply motor which sits to the rear of the machine behind the toner cartridge. The images below show the machine with the toner motor assembly removed as you will see the neighbouring colours still have the motor assembly fitted:

Toner Feed Assembly Color - FM3-8085-000

Toner Feed Assembly Color – FM3-8085-000

I have also included a photo with the toner feed motor assembly visible attached to the toner cartridge release shaft. I really don’t know if that is what the long shaft is called but you remove the shaft along with the assembly and remove once the whole assembly is away from the machine. That shaft attaches to the toner release catch at the front of the machine. It isn’t rocket science to remove but could be a problem if you do not carefully take note of where each part fits. I’m a little concerned that the images appear rotated on some devices but I’m too busy to faff around rotating them today so you’ll have to lean your head or double click to see a blown up version in the right orientation. Having said that I’ve discovered it all checks out fine on my iPad. But hey, you can see what you need to right?.If you look closely you will see the bits that have to be removed to get down to the necessary level for the assembly’s removal. I had quite a lot of space to work in so it wasn’t too bad. I was in a public library in Ilford, Essex. Be very careful of the toner release handle and assembly as it clips into the machine in a particular way so watch how it comes out. As well as the screws used to hold in the assembly there is also a hidden clip which you can observe on the new assembly before removing the old one.


Toner Feed Motor Assembly Colour – irac 2020i

To remove this part you need to enter the machine from the front and above. It is a little bit fiddly at times but not too bad. You first remove the toner and drum entry points/handle which will become obvious but it would be much better to download the manual and use the procedures outlined there if you have never attempted this before. As you have probably noticed, the part number for the Toner Feed Motor Assembly is FM3-8085-000.

If you do need the Canon irac2020i Service Manual you can click on the download button below: